东莞市蓝博望自动化设备有限公司 是一家专业从事自动化机械设备研发、制造、销售服务于一体的自动化设备生产商与解决方案提供商,公司力争以创新、求实、团结、奋进为企业精神,以诚信求发展,以质量求生存的经营理念,为顾客提供优质、高效、低耗、可靠耐用的产品与解决方案!公司自成立以来,始终坚持以先进的技术科学的管理,精益求精的产品品质致力于广大客户服务。 


 Dongguan Lanbowang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and solution provider specializing in the research, development, manufacture and sale of automation machinery and equipment. The company strives to innovate, be realistic, unite and strive for the spirit of enterprise, to develop in good faith and to survive in quality. Idea, to provide customers with high quality, efficient, low consumption, reliable and durable products and solutions! Since its inception, the company has always adhered to advanced technology and scientific management, excellence in product quality committed to customer service. 

The company's main products are: precision hot-pressing soldering machine, precision spot welding machine, wire stripping and tinning machine, online soldering machine, CCD visual dispensing/spraying machine, screw locking machine and other products, involving data lines, electronic appliances, batteries, automobiles, 5G communications and other fields.